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2nd December 2020 Keith G7NBU gave members a lotr of information regarding Raynet-UK operations, and the club involvment.
22 zoom users attended the digital meeting.

21st October 2020
Jordan 2E0WLQ presented a very informative talk on DMR. His accompanying powerpoint slides (in pdf format) can be seen here.
19 members attended the digital meeting.

7th October 2020 John G3WVM gave a fascinating talk on Marconi, and his early work with radio. Did you know that whilst he was Italian, his mother was Irish ?!?
13 club members plus a guest (Richard 2E0JRS) attended the zoom meeting.

5th October 2020 GB7EW is on air!! The repeater (a DR3000) was finally activated on Monday, 5th October at 14:30 hrs.
Details of the repeater are:
Tx Freq: 439.525 MHz
Rx Freq: 430.525 MHz
Colour Code: 3
It is only operating "locally" - i.e. it has no connectivity to the Internet or the South West Cluster at present. It is hoped that local operators can use this time this to fine tune their pmr radio settings, and to get used to operating pmr if they've had no experience of this mode before.
Once it has connectivity to the South West Cluster, users are asked to switch off the GPS function in their radios. GPS information, if transmitted, by rigs with it turned on does not go anywhere and can also keep all the repeaters periodically busy, denying them for voice traffic use.

See you on the (digital) air !

23 September 2020 The club's delayed 2020 AGM finally took place, albeit via Zoom and not "face-to-face" around a table as in previous years! Club officers were thanked for their time in helping to keep the club running during the previous (2019) and this year.
All members were thanked for being patient and dealing with multiple changes in arrangements at short notice, this of course is out of our control.
It was unanimously decided to continue with meetings via Zoom until such time as government restrictions are removed or relaxed. They will continue every Wednesday at 18:30 hrs, with a "lecture" or subject-specific topic to discuss every other meeting.
John G3WVM, will be Meetings Co-ordinator.
In addition, it was voted that Jordan 2E0WLQ will be training officer, and Eric 2E0ECW will be keeping our Facebook presence updated.

We hope to hold our next AGM on the 10th March 2021.

September 2020 Well, not much really because of Covid and restrictions placed, then removed then placed again!

The first club meeting (at Whipton Hall) in August welcomed a large number of new members.

Pete G3ZVI, bought in some DMR handheld radios, as did some members who have either recently purchased theirs or have possessed them for some time. News of the new DMR repeater has probably prompted this; Ivor G6ATJ, received his NOV and is therefore repeater "keeper", and it is currently undergoing very limited, local access only trials on an attended basis. It is hoped to move the radio up to its final site shortly, when it will be connected to the internet. It can then run 24/7.
Details of the repeater are:
Tx Freq: 439.525 MHz
Rx Freq: 430.525 MHz
Colour Code: 3

1st March The club held its very successful Radio Rally.
All tables were booked, the bring & buy did a roaring trade with many fantastic bargains - for example a virtually new MFJ Mag Loop (working to 10M), with tuner/control and mounting bracket for...100 !!!!! If you missed out, well there's always next year.

22nd February Once again, Raynet operators from the club attended the VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) motor event, on Exmoor, providing radio commuications for the day. This annual event consisted of 3 separate hill climbs involving (some VERY expensive) vintage cars.

The Raynet team setup comms. using VHF handhelds with VHF/UHF crossband repeaters connecting to GB3EX (which had been switched to "Raynet mode"). This enabled operators to communicate easily with Raynet control based at the Anchor Inn, back in Exbridge. Raynet operators were also in contact with Hill Chiefs using licensed PMR handhelds.

22nd January The club welcomed two newcomers, Colin and Eric. Colin is already licensed (G0ODL), but Eric has joined to learn how to become a radio operator, and train and take the foundation exam later this year. Wes 2E0WZR, Jordan 2E0WLQ and Rob 2E0UJM will be working towards gaining the full license, and Giles M7MTG will be working towards his Intermediate.
Other topics discussed included preperation for the Raynet event (Vintage cars) at Exbridge.
Pete G3ZVI showed us a homebrew headset (An Xbox boom mic with earphone) and remote (footswitch) PTT for his handheld devices.
We also welcomed back long time member Bas G0FGE, who had taken time out preparing for his dream job.....Retirement.

4th January Raynet operators from the club once again attended the Fingle Bridge motor event, providing radio commuications for the event stewards. This annual event consisted of 3 separate hill climbs involving about 200 motorcycles & vintage cars.
Some years ago this event sadly suffered a fatality on one of the hill climbs. Emergency services could not be contacted quickly enough using conventional communication systems, mainly because of the terrain.
The Raynet team setup comms. using mainly VHF with VHF/UHF crossband repeaters.

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