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What's been happening this year - 2021

Club Meetings

Well, not much really to report during our lockdown, except that club meetings have continued apace via the "Zoom" app (or program if you're old school like me).

On-air club nets have been very well attended on 2M and 4M. The net that takes place on 70cms via GB3EX has been suspended until engineering work can be completed on site.
Remember that the nets are open to all, club member or not, as are the Zoom meetings.
You'll be very welcome.

24th February 2021:     Slade gave us a very informative talk on AMSAT and Amateur Radio Satellite use in general.

3rd March:     The Society held the 2020/21 AGM via Zoom. 20 members attended the meeting. All oficers were re-elected to their posts, with the addition of Jordan to manage updates to our Facebook page, and Pete G3ZVI, training secretary (though he has been doing that job for some time!)

It was also announced that (conditions permitting) the 2021/22 AGM would be held on the 9th March 2022, and that the society rally would be on the 6th March 2022.
We hope to hold the delayed 2021 rally at America Hall in September this year. Fingers crossed.

9th June:     "Normal", "Face-to-face", "Physical" - call them what you will, but 18 members attended the first club meeting at Whipton (in what seemed like an age), on Wednesday 9th June.
We greeted two new members who had travelled quite a distance - Kevin, from Okehampton and Paul (G1ZKJ) from Charnmouth. Thanks for supporting us guys!

18th-20th June:     Exeter Raynet group attended the Bicton steam & vintage weekend. There, they acted as a comms centre and also marshalled the various vehicles into position on Friday & Saturday morning. On Friday morning after a very welcome lunch provided by Bicton Park, the 7 club Raynet members took up various positions around the park.
Also present was a representation by the radio club (in a huge Gazebo style marquee), showing members of the public the various aspects of Amateur Radio. The Sidmouth Radio Club were also present next door to the club, utilising a "pump-up" mast, and contacting various countries on HF.

23rd June:   The second meeting at Whipton was attended by 15 members. Raynet members had their new I.D. cards issued by Keith, G7NBU.
Later in the evening, members watched the latest TXFactor video (episode 27) which had an interesting article on "openspot" for use with either amateur DMR, D-Star, or Fusion radios using wi-fi and an internet connection.

12th August:   5 members from the club who are Raynet members, assisted with an evening event at Bicton.

13th October:   Jordan, M0PIR bought members up to date with exciting developments with the Exeter DMR repeater GB7EW. More on this to follow (stay tuned...)

27th October:   Club members were informed that GB7EW (the society's DMR repeater) was now operational on the South West Cluster. Earlier that day, Jordan M0PIR, Pete G3ZVI and Ivor G6ATJ braved the windy conditions at the dizzy heights of Stoke Hill, and replaced the loan Motorola DR3000 unit with our own one. This has been expertly engineered and programmed to allow connection to the Cluster by Jordan.


The South West Cluster is an independant group of around 9 repeaters in SW England. The group uses TG9 on TS1 for local comms only and TG950 on TS2 which works all repeaters in the cluster.

10th November: Paul gave an in-depth talk on radio systems used by the metropolitan police force over the years, prior to the adoption of Airwave.
The origin of "Q" cars, Scotland Yard and the development and use of various radio systems both AM and FM, mostly made by the likes of GEC, Cossor, Pye and Storno.
Above picture is a VHF FM GEC BR156 "modular" brick of a radio, featuring those "transistors" that glow in the dark and keep your shack warm in winter (Thermionic Valves for those of you who are too young to remember them....or "Tubes" if you're west of the Atlantic)

8th December Dean Brice G0UIL the Region 11 RSGB rep, gave a varied talk on many topics, including the RSGB and the future of Amateur Radio.

Pete G3ZVI, also gave us a demonstration of various SWR meters, how-brew dummy loads, and the "dangers" of not measuring a true 1:1 SWR because of load reactance.

15th December: The last meeting of 2021 was held in a party atmosphere. About a dozen club members met to eat, drink and be merry. A quiz, organised by John G4AP, was held and Jordan M0PIR won the prize. Sadly, it was the last time the society would meet at Whipton Hall; new premises will be arranged in the new year.
Seasons greeting to all, and thanks for your support throught 2021!

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