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Don't forget our radio rally on the 29th April 2018 at America Hall, Pinhoe, Exeter!!

(Postponed from 4th March)

Details of club meetings in 2018:

25th April: Morse code practice / Morse Code appreciation night for foundation practical

9th May: "Best" hand-held radios - Examples and demos are welcomed!

23rd May: Data modes for Raynet operations

13th June: HF antennas

27th June: VHF Antennas

11th July: Morse code night / on-air practice

25th July: Stealth Antennas

8th August: Portable operations

22nd August: Your "dream" shack / Antenna farm - please bring YOUR designs

12th September: Satellite talk and demo

26th September: Build night

10th October: Project night - Bring your amateur radio related projects in for all to see

24th October: How to combat EMC

14th November: Digital modes

28th November: 2019 planning night

12th December: "Bring something interesting" night - get everyone guessing and asking "What IS that?"

26th December: No meeting

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11th April 2018 Harry M0IHT reported how a geo storm ruined propagation on HF recently, he also talked about a voacap software he runs to help with predictions. Nick 2e0nxb from silverton visited the club and wanted to know about DMR so the argument of DMR vs d star vs Fusion was discussed and John and Pete talked about plans regarding a DMR repeater for the Exeter area in the near future

28th March 2018 Harry M0IHT, gave a fascinating talk on his "stealth" aerials hidden away in his loft. One of our members who had seen the loft, remarked that it resembled an indoor aerial farm. The presentation (in pdf format) along with some website links, can be viewed here

14th March 2018 Annual General Meeting

28th February 2018 Slade M6SQB discussed data modes and gave a simple guide to getting started.

14th February 2018 Members with experiences of using magnetic loop antennae met to discuss ideas and to show any loops they had built.

24th January 2018 Contesting! Club members with experience of contesting gave their experiences and tips and tricks including software etc. There was a discussion about starting a contest group within the club.

3rd January 2018 Raspberry Pi Challenge launch - Slade M6SQB launched the Raspberry Pi Challenge for club members.

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