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24th May:

Amateur Deep Space Reception

Paul Marsh, M0EYT gives an introduction into deep space mega-DX, the equipment needed and the techniques used to identify extremely weak signals coming from man-made space probes in various parts of our solar system. X-Band (8.4GHz) is the primary band of discussion but Paul also talks briefly about S and Ka reception equipment and antennas. You can receive signals from spacecraft in excess of 1 billion Km with a modest size dish in your garden. If you have an interest in EME or microwave weak signal reception, Amateur DSR can help you push the limits of what is possible with home-built equipment. In early 2018 Paul was involved in confirming a signal reading from what is believed to be of Image, a Nasa satellite lost and presumed dead in 2005.

All meetings will now be held in the Newcourt Community Association Centre
EX2 7FN at 6.30 pm (until 8.30pm) unless otherwise stated.
(The Newcourt area is close to Exeter Ikea).
Stagecoach buses "J" and "I" pass the centre.

Note that this a change not only in venue but also the meeting day (Tuesdays NOT Wednesdays as previous).

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Did you know???

The SWC Saturday net is 19.00 to 20.00 on Slot 2, TG950; plus quite a lot of general activity at other times.
Note that Slot 1, TG9 can be used at the same time due to the miracle which is DMR, so local use is not frozen out when the cluster is in use.

The Radio Society operates three repeaters around the Exeter area. Here are brief details:

GB3EW (2M FM analogue) Input freq 145.0125MHz with CTCSS tone 77Hz; Output freq 145.6125. Power 20W. QTH 1080FR

GB7EW (70cm digital DMR) Input freq 430.525MHz. Output freq 439.525MHz. Colour code 3. Power 10W. Co-sited with GB3EW.

GB3EX (70cm analogue) Input freq 430.950MHz. CTCSS code 77Hz.; Output freq 438.550MHz. Power 10W. QTH I080GU

Note that as at 16th May 2022 GB3EX is back in service.

For more information including history and pictures click here

The Club runs Nets as follows:
Net When Frequency
GB3EW Repeater Net Tuesdays at 7.45 p.m. See Repeaters Page
4m FM net Every Thursday at 7.45pm (dependant on numbers)
Self regulating i.e. no official controller
70.4250 MHz

Membership enquiries

For information on membership of Exeter Radio club, please contact:
John Rooke G4AP on 01392 461 709 or email rooke906 [at] btinternet [dot] com

License Examinations

Are YOU "itching" to get on the air, but haven't got a license?
It's easier than you may think.... Contact the E.A.R.S. Exam secretary for further information:
Pete G3ZVI on 07714 198374 or email - g3zvi [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

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